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.1% in april, but job growth was down a little from march. good evening. i'm judy woodruff. >> brown: and i'm jeffrey brown. on the newshour tonight, we analyze the new numbers, and assess the prospects of work for college graduates and other young people entering the job market. >> woodruff: then, ray suarez examines the apparent easing of the diplomatic crisis between beijing and washington over a blind activist, as chinese officials said today he can apply to study abroad. >> brown: margaret warner talks with author peter bergen about his new book "manhunt," a look at the long pursuit and final days of osama bin laden. >> woodruff: mark shields and david brooks analyze the week's news. >> brown: and we close tonight with a look at a national effort to engage young people at the local level through the music of marvin gaye and their own artistic expressions. >> brown: and we close we're like a broken down city. it's not just the economy that is causing cleveland the problem right now. it's the attitude; it's the struggle. we need to make a change. that's what i am expecting people to hear
captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> brown: the blind chinese activist now in a beijing hospital has changed his mind and wants to come to america, and he spoke by phone to congressmen in washington, saying he fears his family and friends are in danger. good evening. i'm jeffrey brown. >> suarez: and i'm ray suarez. on the newshour tonight, we have the latest on the still unfolding story that's left u.s. officials struggling to resolve a tense diplomatic situation. >> brown: then, on the "daily download," we examine how the campaigns are using twitter hashtags to get out their messages. >> suarez: miles o'brien profiles a small private company trying to position itself for a big role in exploring frontiers in space. >> i'm talking about setting ultimately tens of thousands, virtually millions of people to mars and then going out there and exploring the stars. >> brown: judy woodruff talks with veteran congress-watchers thomas mann and norman ornstein, about extreme partisanship, the subject of their new book, "it's even worse than it looks." >> we've never s
of civil rights is one of long struggle and long fought victoriesment meet wanda brown of the missouri house of representatives. she's leading a new march of progress with her landmark bill hb-1621. >> this bill creates an environment that an employer can't fire an employee if they own firearms, if they use firearms. if you target-- if you target practice, if you hunt, they wouldn't have the right to fire you for that reason. >> right, but aren't gun owners already protected? >> we have a second amendment to the constitution that should be abided by at all times. >> wanda's bill like a second condom adds another layer of protection against employers who would disregard the constitution. >> i think i understand. you're the kind of person that sees discrimination somewhere, and wants to fight it. >> yes. >> thanks to wanda brown's crusade against injustice, hb-1621 saled through the house by 115-36, releasing gun owners from the shackles of persecution. >> now a gun owner can own a gun, and no longer be fired for it. >> true. i'm not aware of anybody having that problem. >> since when co
physical effects in the world. james brown was supposed to perform in boston, and his performance was in conjunction with the assassination of dr. king. there was violence all over the country in many cities. the city fathers of boston got together with james brown and decided to have the concert proceed and to broadcast it live on television, on public television, and so the concert went on and -- and it -- it succeeded in keeping the piece in boston, so we'll get a little flavor of his performance which i don't think is noteworthy except i can't help but think about his screams at this particular moment. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> okay. yeah, you could say he always screams like that, but at that moment it just seems to carry an additional level of meaning. aretha franklin was one of those artists whose songs were not always political, but this one she is making what i think is a feminist statement, and she actually is responding to james brown's song "this is a man's world," and she -- she's asserting women's right to respect and equality. ♪ take me to heart ♪ and i'll always love you
and recommend the appropriation to the board and i am here with large brown and -- laurence brown and megan and we can answer any questions. >> so moved. >> any public comment? hearing none, commissioners, questions? >> i would like to say that once again, the staff seems to have risen to that challenge and some -- found creative ways to meet that challenge. accommodation to you and your staff for figuring out how to get this done. >> i agree. it is an organized plan to go forward given all the changes. thank you. >> i want to thank you for the hard work. i did not understand that projects were being defunded to make this happen. can you give us a little bit of a strategy on how you will refund these projects? >> and some questions along that line. if you could add to that any potential exposure we might have by defunding these projects. the strategy for refunding is always the most challenging. the southern waterfront project we defined it, the back lands was a hard decision to make because there is revenue potential at the other side of that project to the tune of $1.80 million. it is a p
for the muni railway so it would never happen again. thanks to the good stewardship of mayer brown and others and the good stewardship of ed lee, it never is going to happen again. then, in around 1983, into my office what gordon swanson, then the head of the chamber of commerce, and rick, who suggested doing and historic trolley festival, and that historic trolleys festival was set to just operate during the tourist season from fisherman's wharf down to castro just for four months. the next year, 1984, was the democratic convention, it was easy for me to convince him to continue that that year. then, it was expanded to a five- year plan, and it existed for five years. well, it has been a few decades since then, and the historic trolley festival is still going on. [applause] now, i understand the route is going to be extended. one of the great things about this city is you have people who really do care, not a year in and year out, but decade after decade after decade. rick is one of those people, so you would do me a great honor if you would give him a big round of applause. [applause] i wil
jerry brown's proposed tax hikes. it's being done in called right track california. spoke on the steps of the capital. they say the governor's push to raise taxes will hurt california's economic recovery. one lawmaker said sacramento simply needs to get its finances in order. >> simple when you tell the truth and when you listen to the people. they prioritize their lives every day. >> reporter: the republicans say the democratic controlled legislature should instead be focused on trimming spending. >> meantime democrats say they are standing firm on protecting certain programs for the poor and most vulnerable. >> we will do all we can to minimize the impact on people who are most in need. including the child care providers and the families who depend upon the child care. >> while makers are hoping for a revenue boost from the so called facebook effect, facebook ipo later this month could bring millions to the state covers. >>> who spent more than 20 years in sacramento has died. he served 8 years in the state assembly and 16 in the state senate. before that he served on the concord cit
to thank former mayor brown for being here as well. [applause] archie protocol officer -- our chief protocol officer, thank you for being here as well. [applause] someone i learned a lot from being city administrator, our previous city administrator. thank you for being here. i am so thrilled to share the stage with so many of our elected officials, our mta board, our supervisors, but certainly, foremost in my mind has been our wonderful senator dianne feinstein, who really have the compassion for this system. before i introduce her, i just wanted to just let you know again how valuable this system is to us and what it means to us today, but in recognition of that, before we do that, it still is -- i mean, we've got 63 bus routes that are managed by our mta. seven light rail lines. the historic f line streetcars, of course. 700,000 daily borders of our mta -- daily boarders of our mta. of course, senator, as you so well articulated just moments ago, no mayor can ever escape a comment on a daily basis about somebody's quality of ride in the city. because it is so much part of our dai
like to know when the willie brown model will be installed on polk street, north of broadway? >> the question, could you repeat the question? >> i would like to know when the willie brown model of newspaper racks are going to be installed on polk street, north of california? >> what is it? >> fancy new newspaper racks, the green ones. >> i think mayor lee and i share the desire of many neighborhoods to get more of these racks. i would like to turn it over to mohammed nuru from dpw over whether you know the timing for this section of polk street? >> thank you, good evening. as you know, we just finished installing all the racks in the downtown area. that was an agreement. gradually, we are working out agreements with the various neighborhoods. i cannot give a definite time, but i would say in the next three months or so we should have those up. [applause] >> is john here? i will give you the question. why are you putting through only 10 lateral police officers and 50 entry-level officers this fiscal year? 50 lateral officers better on the list would be more cost- effective. th
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to find this woman when the news media seems to have no trump down so. she said she saw a brown uniform in the hotel room but nothing indicated that he worked for the soon to visit american president. >> she didn't see anything weird anything in particular that could relate this man to obama or any information on the president. >> molly: at least 8 secret service agents have been fired or resigned in the wake of the scandal. the military also is investigating, 12 servicemen caught up in it, as well. the report has been submitted to the commander for review. that report may be released early next week and will make recommendations about any punishment. >> john: molly, thanks so much. >>> the pentagon's investigation into the involvement of military personnel in the colombia affair has been completed. leon panetta told troops at for the benning, georgia it takes just seconds for misconduct to make headlines. wrongdoing by uniformed personnel can hurt morale and put troops at risk. >> they concern us because our enemies will seek to turn them, these incidents in their favor. >> john: the w
's not incoherent, it's explicit all over the place. scott brown and all of that in wisconsin is a clear example but just one of many. i think staying on that point and reminding people by race--they're being blinded by race, this disadvantage of white working class voters is going to be made much, much worse if they vote mitt romney. >> you know, it's important to hear what they're saying and what they said in jefferson county, which goes to what you just said is this. if you listen to some of the residents of jefferson county, one of them said certain precincts in this county are not going to vote for obama. i'm not going to say it, but we all know why. there is that underlying reason why they're saying it. the update, because he's black. further than that, it's like here i am, i'm black and i'm proud. black people voted him in, that's why he won. it was black ignorance. >> okay, i'm black and i'm proud. what is so stunning there, he was running from race the whole time because he knew full well not only of these constituencies but how uncomfortable people might feel. the idea that he's black
babies, brown babies they don't get the respect. >> black crime isn't covered as much. that might be the virginia pilot thing. you wrote an interesting book about poverty, all right? this crime happened in front of a housing project where poor people live. >> absolutely. are poor people angry? do they feel entitled to lash out? do you see that happening? i'm not talking color here. poor people in general in america, are they angry? do they feel entitled to lash out in a violent way. >> i don't think anybody is entitled to lash out in a violent way. >> would they feel that way. >> i can't speak for all of black america and all of brown america or white america. >> bill: in your research. >> my research suggest to me that there has always been a link between poverty and crime. that's why dr. west and i have written this book because our very democracy is trend by poverty. we argue in this book that poverty is a matter of national security. we argue in the book that poverty isn't color coded. when one out of two americans is either in or near poverty, that's a societal crisis, bill.
a point. white crime. >> black babies, brown babies they don't get the respect. >> black crime isn't covered as much. that might be the virginia pilot thing. you wrote an interesting book about poverty, all right? this crime happened in front of a housing project where poor people live. >> absolutely. are poor people angry? do they feel entitled to lash out? do you see that happening? i'm not talking color here. poor people in general in america, are they angry? do they feel entitled to lash out in a violent way. >> i don't think anybody is entitled to lash out in a violent way. >> would they feel that way. >> i can't speak for all of black america and all of brown america or white america. >> bill: in your research. >> my research suggest to me that there has always been a link between poverty and crime. that's why dr. west and i have written this book because our very democracy is trend by poverty. we argue in this book that poverty is a matter of national security. we argue in the book that poverty isn't color coded. when one out of two americans is either in or near poverty, th
, and then it was only after mrs. brown, really, that i really got film scripts at all and then, you know, if you work with people like kevin spacy, and people, you know, you learn about it, and i never want to be there when i don't. >> rose: you have one more bond coming out, don't you? >> yes, yes. >> rose: at least one. >> did you believe -- we have. >> rose: yes. are you excited about the jubilee, the diamond jubilee? because you have a couple of -- >> well, i it will be a good old day of celebration, i hope, and i think they are planning lots of things, not least of which the -- on the river, with 1,000 boats going up the thames, that should be spectacular. >> rose: i want to come back to all of that, that whole thing about acting because so many people have said such wonderful things about you, i want you zero just to take one, one of your fellow actors in this film, this is bill and i talking about you, here it is. dane judi dench. >> yes. >> rose: what does she have? >> well, she has something, dane judi dench has something that is inexpressionable there are books written about how she a chief
investigators continue to conduct other investigations into several d.c. leader, mayor vincent gray, kwame brown another. fox 5's matt ackland spoke to the u.s. attorney who said thomas' sentence should send a message to others who want to defraud the government. >> reporter: harry thomas jr. had nothing to say to reporter as he left the courthouse. earlier thomas told judge john bates that he had humiliated his family and community and said, "what i did was wrong, your honor, and i broke the law." >> reporter: u.s. attorney ron machen spoke to us not long after sentencing. >> i think justice was served today. i think a powerful message was sent that if you engage in public corruption that there will be consequences and you'll forfeit not only ill gotten gains of your corrupt conduct, but your freedom. >> reporter: when asked about other investigations currently underway and to mayor vincent gray and council chairman kwame brown, machen was limited in what he could say. >> we really can't talk about that. i can tell you we're obviously working as hard as we can. we understand there's a sense
governor jerry brown, and president bill clinton who is now taking questions from the audience. abc 7 news business and technology reporter is live in san jess yeah for us. >> there is a big year for presidential politics. and getting more americans to work all those will converge together that. is why these v.i.p.s gathered here in downtown san jose. and as mentioned they're just now doing question asks answers with former president bill clinton who continues to be a thought leader when it comes to big picture issues. earlier they heard from condoleezza rice. she did say she's not interested in being anyone's vice presidential running mate. but ceos of pacific gas and electric spoke about job creation and the need to get more students to major in science, technology, engineering and math and president clinton brought a wider perspective. >> california will come roaring back but will happen faster if we work together instead of cleeming at each other, cooperation works in real i've we're never going to get level of reform until we pull together. >> president clinton said he spent time chat
your senses. [ mocking tone ] i'm ms. brown. i'm soooo chocolatey. i'm giving away money to make people like me-eee -- is what he said. and i was like "you watch your mouth. she's my friend." friend is a strong word. [ male announcer ] chocolate just got more irresistible. find the all brown bag and you could win! ♪ >> planned parenthood i am going to get rid of that. >> romney endorses a consent bill moving through the north carolina legislature which not only requires a doctor to perform an ultra sound on a fetus to be aborted but makes the mother certified she had reviewed the ult straysound imageshers. >> do i believe the separate property should overturn roe v. wade? i do. >> the democratic national committee released that ad linking mitt romney to the string of recertificate laws and they can add one more to that list. georgia just passed a law requiring women who get an abortion after 20 weeks to "bring the fetus out alive" to induce the labor even thought the fetus cannot survive outside the womb. a law has no exceptions for rape o
. there are no reports of injuries, and no known cause yet. the brown does that stone building was under construction at the time. >>> exotic animals -- the woman's husband freed 50 animals from the farm before killing himself. the -- >>> a tightening of environmental rules for what's known as fracking. the at mrgs wants oil and gas companies to disclose what chemicals they use in won on federal hands. it lets oil and gas flow more easily, but environmentalists are concerned. >>> pepsi and michael jackson are back together again. the company is honoring the 25th anniversary of the "bad" album. it plan toss produce 1 billion special-edition cans printed with jackson's silhouette. it will also include new mixes of his music and contexts. wolf? >> i remember that album. remember the whole experience. thanks very much. >>> an invitation to the big apple for the blind chinese activist at the center of a diplomatic firestorm. straight ahead we go live to beijing. >>> plus a darling among democrats. will elizabeth warren's claim of native-american roots hurt her senate run. [ male announcer ] fighting peppe
kwame brown. >> we feel an obligation to go quickly but also carefully. and we know there is a sense of urgency. my office, my prosecutors are working very hard. a lot of late nights, long weekends. but we have a very important job to do and we can only move forward once we examine all the facts. i live here in the city as well and i know, you know, the sense of urgency here and i know how important matters are. >> brown and gray both have denied wrongdoing. machon said the reality of prison has settled in for thomas who also resigned from the d.c. council. >> you spend a day in jail, one day is one day too many for most of us. and so i think most individuals are frightened about that. >> reporter: in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. >> there is no parole in the federal prison system so harry thomas jr. will likely serve at least a full 30 nonts prison and is expected to be told when and where to report to start serving the sentence in about six weeks. >>> former first lady laura bush was in town today as honorary chair for the restoration of the national mall. today she spoke to
surrounding d.c. mayor vincent gray and council chairman kwame brown. u.s. attorney ronald machon commented one day after former d.c. council member harry thomas junior was sentenced to prison for stealing more than $350,000 in city funds. the probes of gray and chairman brown involve separate campaign activities. >> we feel an obligation to move quickly but also carefully. and we know there is a sense of urgency. my office, my prosecutors are working very hard. a lot of late nights, long weekends. but we have a very important job to do and we can only move forward once we examine all the facts. i live mere in the city as well and i know the sense of urgency here and how important these matters are. >> reporter: both the mayor and brown have denied wrongdoing and say they are cooperating with the authorities. >>> sometimes for some of us, often we've driven under those large highway signs and the really big tall light poles that line the interstates. in the wake of one of those signs that came crashing down in the area several weeks ago the news 4's i-team reports for the first time what ki
senator scott brown in his re-election bid coming as brown's rival democratic candidate elizabeth warren faces some tough questions. reports surface this had week she once listed herself as i minority when she was at harvard law professor which seems quite a stretch since she's only 1/32nd native american based on a great, great grandmother. is this just a blip in a long political campaign or does the way she handled this reveal a weakness in her candidacy. martin, this is the first time she's run for political office. there seemed to be a lot of stumbling when this was first revealed in how she responded to it. >> this is the hottest race in the country. national democrats really see this as a seat they can win. they want to get ted kennedy's old seat back in democratic hands. elizabeth warren is a rookie candidate. it seems like she acted like a rookie how she handled this. it's a mini controversy but lasted for several days. she should have gotten out in front of this explained it as simply as possible the first day. there was an uneven response and it was a little bit confusing. she
are not getting more state funds. it is cutting all the time. governor brown and the state legislature cannot figure their way out to greater revenues except for tax proposals they are proposing. but in the meantime, they have been cutting a lot of programs. it all falls on the city and county, so we have to be an investment-friendly city and have a relationship with private industry to make sure we create jobs and get a better tax base. that is what i am working hard on doing and i hope you will let us know what you think is the most important thing we need to pay attention to in this budget. we will hold these budget meetings and a lot of other meetings and hearings. the board of supervisors will hold a series of meetings. you have a lot of input and we will make sure it reflects the kinds of priorities you suggest for this year. thank you very much for spending this saturday morning in this lovely area of our town. [applause] supervisor chu: before we begin, i want to think a lot of the folks to help to make this possible. the volunteers, the mayor's office, the office of civic engagement
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. elizabeth warren is running for senate. she wants scott brown's seat. she is unleashing a political firestorm after listing herself as a native american inner in are regard application. there are concerns over the potential impact on the balance of pour in the u.s. senate. >> i'm very proud of my heritage. i'm very proud of the stories that my brand parents told me, that my grandparents told my parent and my parents told my brothers and me. zap technology. departure. hertz gold plus rewards also offers ereturn-- our fastest way to return your car. just note your mileage and zap ! you're outta there ! we'll e-mail your receipt in a flash, too. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. it doesn't look risky. i mean, phil, does this look risky to you? nancy? fred? no. well it is. in a high-risk area, there's a 1-in-4 chance homes like us will flood. i'm glad i got flood insurance. fred, you should look into it. i'm a risk-taker. [ female announcer ] only flood insurance covers floods. visit to learn your risk. you can't argue with nutrition yo
that were formed throughout the south in response to the brown decision and court-ordered desegregation, and it says help save the youth of america. we know which youth they are talking about. don't buy negro records. if you don't want to serve negroes in your place of business, then do not have negro records on your jukebox or listen to negro records on the radio. don't let your children buy or listen to those negro records, and here you have chuck barry who would have been one of those disreputable black musicians from the standpoint of segregationists, and -- and let's see, if -- if i can get this one to work here, and this is a -- a rally opposed to desegregation in little rock in 1958, and you can see the signs. race mixing is communism, so all of these fears and phobias of the white south, the segregationist white south, because there were certainly some folks who believed in change in the south, but you do have sort of a mob culture, a very militant opposition, so black music, race mixing, communism, they are all sort of bundled together as a threat in the -- in sort of the white
, and solomon brown. >> hi. so i work for tenderloin housing clinic, and am not a resident of san francisco. i was born and raised here but can't afford to live here wit hthh the budget cuts. i went from paying no medical to $250 for medical. i live in oakland. i don't like oakland. sorry. i don't. it is just a lot of crime. i have been going through a lot. i have to take her out of school. parents with guns, all kinds of stuff. she can't go to school here. i live out here. i pay for them to go to school here. a mix-up, in between. us getting raises would help, and i could come back to my native. thank you. [applause] >> i am mark conners from treasure island, secretary for the good neighbors -- and i wanted to say what the young man said earlier. we have a lot of youth, and fund the care center for the independent youth. sometimes the youth get in trouble and we need reseources for the island. from time to time, we have crime waves. they need more local services and support on the island. we don't have a grocery store and have to come over to san francisco to have this delivered. the bus shel
a lot of that off. jerry brown, every time i see him, it is like, what else are you going to cut? if he does not get his way, there is going to be even more hurt. we are no longer dependent upon those streams of revenue. we have to create our own. i only know one way. have a solid relationship with the businesses who want to grow, employee, helped make the city successful. that is how we are going to do it. where wanted do it on your own, but we are going to do it with your innovation. i want to invite you, on a number of levels, as part of this relationship, we have problems in our city to solve. i cannot solve them with just city government employees. i think the way we are starting to think, we will get you into helpless to some hack-a-thons, think about how to get muni better operating. even the affordable housing debate we are having. come and help us think outside the box. maybe we can think of better solutions. i know you want the city to succeed. if it is successful, you will feel that much more committed to being part of the city. we invite you to be part of that. we do that th
want to take a moment to welcome back to the chamber former supervisors michael yaqui and brown over here. i would also like to introduce a hearing request. i want to thank supervisors kim and winner for their co spotter's chip -- coe sponsorship for fiscal years 2013 as well as 2013-14 pierpont -- 2013-14. our charter charges collection of all relevant information for the assessment of policies, budget, and priority programs for the use of san francisco -- of the use of san francisco. given that this year is the first year that requires a two- year budget from general fund departments, our youth commission has adopted a set of eight budget priorities. it includes the training of new police officers as well as lgbt q said the city training. -- sensitivity training. i would like to ask that this hearing be held at the budget and finance committee to help inform our board's deliberations on the upcoming budget. the rest of the items i will submit. >> thank you, mr. president. supervisor olague keep. supervisor olague: a hearing to assess the current systems and policies for existing su
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 111 (some duplicates have been removed)